Piedra Rustica Laroya Grandes is a company founded in 1963 by Don José Díaz and Don Andrés El Rastro. The company is currently run by Don José Díaz and Don Francisco Rafael, grandsons of the founders, with the help of their children, who represent the fourth generation of the family.

We are a small and humble company. We are lucky to have quartzite and marble quarries with large reserves and unbeatable quality. We export all over the world, although our main sales are concentrated in Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Our sole objective is to ensure that our customers are delighted with the projects they undertake with our stone. This is possible thanks to our great team of highly qualified and committed employees. Among them, our quality controllers stand out, whose only function is to control and check the classification of the different formats and finishes we work with.

What we offer?

  • Unique and exclusive stone tones.
  • Selected pieces (in shapes and sizes) and perfectly laid.
  • Selection of the best pieces to meet any project conditions and requirements.
  • Customized division of pallets (for example: 5/5/15, – 10/10/5 – 25). This avoids depalletization, and serves with order, precision and accuracy.
  • Goods packed, laminated, strapped and labelled.
  • Technical certificate for each material, issued by the Centro Tecnológico Andaluz de la Piedra (Andalusian Stone Technological Centre).
  • Certification of the wood of the pallets.
  • Direct transport from our quarries to your facilities without intermediaries.
  • Personalized advice for the laying of stone in any of its formats.
  • Lifetime guarantee of our products.

Features of our stones

Tonos de piedra únicos y exclusivos

Exceptional properties for extreme and wet climates

No absorption

High hardness

Natural non-slip surface

Insulating material

Large size of the pieces

Various thicknesses available, suitable for any project

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